The Fiqh of Worship for Youth: Rules of Purification and Prayer

Executive Summary

The prayer is described as “the key to Paradise.” In this course, Imam Yama Niazi will give in-depth coverage of the practical rulings of purification and prayer in an in-depth manner—discussing how we can ensure our purification and prayer are valid, sound, and facilitated. He offers a thorough and reliable explanation of wudu’, ghusl, tayammum, the daily prayers, and Friday and Eid prayers as well. This course is essential to attain confidence that you are worshipping in a correct manner.

Course Summary

This course covers important matters related to worship, particularly Salah (which is the second pillar of Islam). Young Muslims will be instructed on all the necessary matters pertaining to this incredibly important obligation which is of the greatest means of gaining nearness to Allah (The Exalted). This course will teach young Muslims how to perform wudū and pray correctly according to Islamic law. It will cover the topics of tahara, wudū, tayammum and the essential details of prayer. Furthermore, it will include the names, times and manners of performing the prayer, as well as practical advice on how to pray with excellence.  This course should be taken as a priority after completing the course on belief. This course is primarily directed to young Muslims.

Course Outline

Lesson One:  Virtues  and Importance of the prayer

Lesson Two:  Tahara or Purification

Lesson Three: Ghusl; Tayammum; and Wiping Over Foot Gear

Lesson Four:  Timings of the prayer, Adhan, Conditions of the Prayer

Lesson Five:  The Integrals and Mandatory Elements of the Prayer  

Lesson Six: The Emphasized Sunnas , The Proper Manners ( adab) of the Prayer, The Supplications of the Prayer

Lesson Seven:  Invalidators of the prayer, disliked matters, Making up the prayers

Lesson Eight:  Catching the Prayer, Friday Prayers, Eid Prayers, Disliked Actions of the Prayer

What You Will Learn:

  • You will learn how to perform wudu and ghusl
  • You will learn the details of the prayer
  • You will learn how to identify mistakes and how to fix it
  • Improve on concentration in the prayer

Purification of the Heart for Youth: Diseases of the Heart and Their Cure

Executive Summary

In this course, Imam Yama Niazi will provide our younger generation with essential knowledge concerning the spiritual maladies of the heart and soul. This exciting course will provide our youth with a detailed outline of the various causes and remedies of the spiritual diseases that afflict the internal dimensions of human beings. Additionally, this course will serve as a road map in achieving a sound and purified heart.

Course Summary

We are so eager to learn and teach our loved ones prayer (salah) and the proper manner in which one makes wudu; in order to purify our limbs before our Master.  It’s been said, “I’m amazed at the one who washes his/her limbs multiple times a day and doesn’t purify their heart.”

The heart is in greater need of purification.  When corrupt, the entire body becomes corrupt.  But one might ask, “What makes the heart sick, what are its diseases?”

Our beloved Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said in a hadith, “Allah does not send down any disease, but He also sends down the cure for it.”

Enrol in this course to learn about these sicknesses of the heart, their cures, and why diseases such as envy are bad for both for your worldly life (dunya) and your next life (akhirah).

May Allah grant us pure, clean hearts

Course Outline

Lesson One:  Importance/ Virtues  of a Sound Heart

Lesson Two:  Adab with Allah, Envy, Arrogance, Ostentation

Lesson Three: Hatred, False Hopes, Heedlessness,  Anger

Lesson Four:  Displeasure with the Qadr, Desire for Wealth, Love of         Status

Lesson Five:  Miserliness, Negative Thoughts, Rancor, Blameworthy Modesty, Fantasizing

Lesson Six: Boasting, Obliviousness to Blessings,  Derision/Mocking Others, Dislike of Death, Relying on Other than Allah

Lesson Seven: Comprehensive Treatment and Actions Which Benefit the Heart

Lesson Eight:  The Root of All Diseases of the Heart/  Recommended Litany

What You Will Learn:

  • You will acquire a detailed definition of a sound heart
  • You will learn the spiritual diseases of the heart
  • The cause and cures of the maladies 
  • Practical and spiritual guidance into achieving a sound heart 
  • Learn key verses of the Qur’an and hadith covering spiritual guidance 

The Essentials of Belief for Muslim Youth

Executive Summary

Our children are the most precious gift and blessing from Allah Most High, yet this entails that we must fulfill our trusts by educating them in the most important aspect of our faith which is a sound creed or Aqidah.
This series of lectures expounds on the core essential elements of a sound creed, and focuses on what is known as the “Articles of Faith.”


It is often mentioned in most texts of Aqidah that the first obligation upon those who reach the age of puberty is to know Allah (the Exalted). However, we find that most of our youth when they reach the critical age of adolescence have often been neglected. Whilst they learn to recite the Quran and memorize a few chapters they are not taught the foundational matters of creed which are obligatory upon all muslims. In this course, the focus is to teach the core beliefs that all muslims must hold on to, and align their hearts and minds with. The concepts covered in this course include knowledge of the divine and the purpose of life. It also covers the day of judgement, the afterlife, paradise and hell, angels and prophets, as well as the “Qadr” or predestination.

Course Outline

This course is divided into 8 lectures covering topics described below.

1. Discussion on Iman, Islam and Ihsan

2. Correct Beliefs Concerning Allah (the Exalted)

3. Prophets and Messengers

4.  Angels, Jinn and Revealed Books

5. The Day of Judgement

6.  Paradise and Its Descriptions

7.  Hell and Its Torments

8.  Qadr or Predestination  

What You Will Learn:

  • The foundational creed of Muslims as mentioned in the hadith of Jibreel.
  • The beliefs concerning God, His prophets, angels, the hereafter, heaven and hell as well as the divine decree.

Course Format: 8 downloadable lessons,  and a monthly live session.

Becoming a Man: The Young Muslim’s Guide to Growing Up


Are you a young boy? Do you have young boys in your family? This course seeks to empower young Muslim youth with the guidance of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the religion of Islam. Ustadh Amjad Tarsin gives young Muslims the tools to be exemplary and confident people of faith in modern times. Coming of age can be awkward, challenging, and confusing for both parents and their children. Although many of the changes are biological, they have religious implications as well. This course seeks to provide a framework for young men to learn about the qualities of a true man of faith. By contextualizing the wisdom and example of the Prophet, blessings and peace be upon him, and his companions to deal with contemporary issues, young men will gain insights into the practice, spirituality, and virtue of the believer.

What You Will Learn:

  • Coming of age and how it affects your life
  • Being like the Prophet, blessings and peace be upon him
  • Obligatory knowledge and the importance of seeking it
  • The physical changes, moral responsibilities, and masculine qualities
  • Private parts of the body and fiqh
  • Qualities of good friends and brotherhood
  • Drugs, alcohol, and dealing with peer pressure
  • Friendships with girls, pictures, and lowering the gaze
  • How to treat girls, parents, and elders
  • The masculine virtues of manliness, strength, chivalry, forbearance, service, and mercy
  • The great historic role models
  • The path of knowledge, devotion, and da’wah