The Fiqh of Worship for Youth: Rules of Purification and Prayer

Executive Summary

The prayer is described as “the key to Paradise.” In this course, Imam Yama Niazi will give in-depth coverage of the practical rulings of purification and prayer in an in-depth manner—discussing how we can ensure our purification and prayer are valid, sound, and facilitated. He offers a thorough and reliable explanation of wudu’, ghusl, tayammum, the daily prayers, and Friday and Eid prayers as well. This course is essential to attain confidence that you are worshipping in a correct manner.

Course Summary

This course covers important matters related to worship, particularly Salah (which is the second pillar of Islam). Young Muslims will be instructed on all the necessary matters pertaining to this incredibly important obligation which is of the greatest means of gaining nearness to Allah (The Exalted). This course will teach young Muslims how to perform wudū and pray correctly according to Islamic law. It will cover the topics of tahara, wudū, tayammum and the essential details of prayer. Furthermore, it will include the names, times and manners of performing the prayer, as well as practical advice on how to pray with excellence.  This course should be taken as a priority after completing the course on belief. This course is primarily directed to young Muslims.

Course Outline

Lesson One:  Virtues  and Importance of the prayer

Lesson Two:  Tahara or Purification

Lesson Three: Ghusl; Tayammum; and Wiping Over Foot Gear

Lesson Four:  Timings of the prayer, Adhan, Conditions of the Prayer

Lesson Five:  The Integrals and Mandatory Elements of the Prayer  

Lesson Six: The Emphasized Sunnas , The Proper Manners ( adab) of the Prayer, The Supplications of the Prayer

Lesson Seven:  Invalidators of the prayer, disliked matters, Making up the prayers

Lesson Eight:  Catching the Prayer, Friday Prayers, Eid Prayers, Disliked Actions of the Prayer

What You Will Learn:

  • You will learn how to perform wudu and ghusl
  • You will learn the details of the prayer
  • You will learn how to identify mistakes and how to fix it
  • Improve on concentration in the prayer