Executive Summary

Adoption is a neglected religious duty and an emphasized communal obligation. That all Muslims should be aware of, and work together to resolve the issue of lack of Muslims adopting.

Short Description

Despite the Prophet’s emphasis on the urgency and reward of adopting, many Muslims are wary of adoption. Many think that “adoption” is un-Islamic; that there are “too many issues” arising adopting; or that it is “way too difficult” to adopt. In this brief course, Shaykh Faraz shows how adopting is from the prophetic practice and how it is tied to one’s faith. Indeed, in adoption we find an example of love and care towards others—central values in Islam. The session ends with counsel on the practical aspect of adopting in the modern age. This is followed by a testimonial by a couple who chose to adopt highlighting the challenges and rewards along the way.

Learning Outcomes 

  • One will see why religiously, adoption is highly encouraged
  • How to adopt practically.
  • Virtue in adopting
  • Challenges in adoption and how to overcome them
Number of Lessons 4
Total Duration 01:59:54