Executive Summary

Our children are the most precious gift and blessing from Allah Most High, yet this entails that we must fulfill our trusts by educating them in the most important aspect of our faith which is a sound creed or Aqidah.
This series of lectures expounds on the core essential elements of a sound creed, and focuses on what is known as the “Articles of Faith.”


It is often mentioned in most texts of Aqidah that the first obligation upon those who reach the age of puberty is to know Allah (the Exalted). However, we find that most of our youth when they reach the critical age of adolescence have often been neglected. Whilst they learn to recite the Quran and memorize a few chapters they are not taught the foundational matters of creed which are obligatory upon all muslims. In this course, the focus is to teach the core beliefs that all muslims must hold on to, and align their hearts and minds with. The concepts covered in this course include knowledge of the divine and the purpose of life. It also covers the day of judgement, the afterlife, paradise and hell, angels and prophets, as well as the “Qadr” or predestination.

Course Outline

This course is divided into 8 lectures covering topics described below.

1. Discussion on Iman, Islam and Ihsan

2. Correct Beliefs Concerning Allah (the Exalted)

3. Prophets and Messengers

4.  Angels, Jinn and Revealed Books

5. The Day of Judgement

6.  Paradise and Its Descriptions

7.  Hell and Its Torments

8.  Qadr or Predestination  

What You Will Learn:

  • The foundational creed of Muslims as mentioned in the hadith of Jibreel.
  • The beliefs concerning God, His prophets, angels, the hereafter, heaven and hell as well as the divine decree.

Course Format: 8 downloadable lessons,  and a monthly live session.