Executive Summary

In this class, we will cover the sublime Islamic understanding concerning God, His Attributes and His Beauty–including the beauty of faith, and the beauty of the Prophet who taught us the meaning and application of faith. 

Course Summary

Many of our youth are confused and perplexed about the relevancy of Islam in the modern age. 

Some of the challenging arguments directed at Muslim youth revolve around the notions of extremism, belligerency, and primitiveness.

This class is meant to inspire and instill in our youth a sense of confidence in their faith, and increase their connection to Islam. 

We will gaze into the vast green field of faith, a field that is filled with beauty that dazzles the eye. This is the faith of Islam.

Course Outline

Lesson One – The Beauty and Mercy of Allah Most High

Lesson Two  – The Beauty and Perfection of the  Prophet

Lesson Three  – The Beauty of the Prayer and It’s Secrets

Lesson Four  –  The Beauty of Spiritual Practice 

Lesson Five – The Beauty and Status of Women in Islam

Lesson Six –  The Earth; Our Home and Our Witness

Lesson Seven  – Allah Loves Beauty; Manifesting Beauty in Our Life

Lesson Eight – Journey of The Hereafter; A Beauty Undiscovered 

What You Will Learn:

  • Discover the forgotten beauty of God, His mercy and love
  • Learn about the Prophet Muhammad’s exalted status and character
  • Increase in Love and awe of what Allah has created
  • You will change your perception about the world and your role in it
  • Your prayer and worship will have more meaning and realization