This course teaches the student how “unpack” the words of the Prophet (Allah bless him and grant him) as narrated in the most authentic source of his teachings, Sahih al-Bukhari, and from one of the refined abridgements of the work, that of al-Zabidi. The practical application and employment of legal theory, theology and Arabic language are applied to the first chapter of the book to open the door of the Sunna to the student whose horizons in the Sacred Sciences are growing.

Curricular Context

  • This is an elective in Level Three.
  • Before taking this course, take all courses in Level, especially Nawawi’s 40 Hadith Explained.

Course Outline

An introduction to Sahih al-Bukhari and its author, and its abridger, al-Zabidi An overview of hadith chains in general, and the chains for Sahih al-Bukhari specifically The Chapter of Faith from the Zabidi’s Mukhtasar of Sahih al-Bukhari.

Course Requirements: Nawawi’s 40 Hadith Explained.

About the Course Text

The text is a key abridgement of one of the most celebrated texts in the Islamic tradition: Sahih al Bukhari. By removing the lengthy chains of transmission and complex repetition of hadiths, the abridgement is a very useful gateway into the vast stratosphere of hadith literature.