Learning a new language can be daunting and confusing. This revised lesson approach by Ustadh Mumin Al-Annan is geared towards learning how to read Arabic and memorizing key nouns and verbs fast in order to facilitate using the language with native speakers. This approach to enabling the student to form sentences and questions quickly will give the student confidence to converse in Arabic in everyday life situations. Be introduced to nouns, verbs, grammar and key images of culture in a developed method of Modern Standard Arabic.

Curricular Context

  • This is the first course in Learning Arabic.
  • This course has no prerequisites

Course Outline

Session One Alphabets
Pronunciation / Articulation
Session Two Vowels, Fatha/Dhamma/Kasra
Labial letters
Session Three Labial letters
Interdental letters
Session Four Doubling sign
Gingival letters
Session Five Gingival tongue letters
Demonstrative pronouns
Session Six Gingival tongue
Letters Tanween
Session Seven Palatal letters
First personal pronoun Ya’a.
Beyond the palate letters
Second personal pronoun Kaaf.
Session Eight Throat letters
Hamzah, Alef, and  Maad. Reading and Writing.
Session Nine Personal pronouns of First Second, and Third person.
Session Ten Week Days

What You Will Learn:

  • Introduce yourself and ask others their names and where they live.
  • Understand and use simple words and phrases that relate to your needs and specific everyday situations.
  • Recognize numbers, prices, dates and days of the week.
  • Speaks to someone who speaks slowly and clearly.
  • You will be able to correctly formulate simple sentences and questions