Every Monday and Thursday, Starting on July 13th, 2020

Session One: July 13th, 2020
Session Two:
July 16th, 2020
Session Three:
July 20th, 2020
Session Four:
July 23rd, 2020
Session Five:
July 27th, 2020
Session Six:
July 30th, 2020
Session Seven:
August 3rd, 2020
Session Eight:
August 6th, 2020

Executive Summary

This is an introductory course to an overview of the Quran. It is tailored for our Muslim youth, as this course will set the foundations for the book of Allah. Join us as we delve into the themes of the Quran, how it was revealed, the manners and etiquettes one should have with the Quran, and much more. This class is necessary for anyone who wants to understand and appreciate the last revelation as well as to have a spiritual connection to the Quran.


The Quran is the final revelation of Allah sent to all of humanity. It contains guidance and wisdom. It is filled with incredible stories and amazing lessons, yet very few Muslims (young and old) in our time really understand these beautiful narratives.

In this class, Imam Yama will introduce Muslim youth to the Quran and its significance in the life of every Muslim. The course will cover how it was revealed and the various themes addressed. The etiquettes of the Quran will also be discussed. This class is meant to inspire our youth to appreciate the Quran and to foster a relationship that will last beyond this world. This course is a must for our youth to discover the history and importance of their holy book.

Course Outline

Lesson One – The Qur’an and How It Was Revealed

Lesson Two  – Themes Covered in the Qur’an

Lesson Three  – Proofs That it is Miraculously from Allah

Lesson Four  – Etiquette and Manners with the Qur’an

Lesson Five – Breakdown and Classifications of Chapters and Verses

Lesson Six – Common Misunderstandings about the Qur’an

Lesson Seven  – The Miracles of the Qur’an

Lesson Eight – How the Qur’an applies to our Lives

What You Will Learn:

  • Appreciating the greatness of Allah’s speech
  • Understanding the core themes of the Qur’an
  • Increasing in love for Allah and His messenger through the Qur’an
  • One will learn to take the Qur’an as a guide
  • One will grow in their love and connection to the Qur’an

Course Format: 8 Live Classes