We all have a responsibility to convey the message to those around us, particularly in times of confusion. Take this course to learn about the importance of Da’wa, who is responsible for engaging in it, revival of the religion, some misconceptions that can ail the person calling to God, and the spiritual courtesies of Da’wa. This is an essential course for the student of knowledge seeking to carry the Prophetic banner of inviting humanity to their Lord.

Course Outline

  • The importance of Da’wa, intentions and purpose
  • The categories of people in need of Da’wa
  • The dangers of withholding knowledge
  • Scholarship, acting on one’s knowledge, and the true heirs of the prophets, peace be upon them
  • How the religion is revived
  • How scholars are deluded
  • The dangers of ignorance
  • Sincerity, action, facing harm and rejection
  • How to correct people of oppression

What You Will Learn:

  • Understand the difference between theoretical knowledge and beneficial knowledge
  • Appreciate relationship between sacred knowledge and da’wa
  • Understand what makes someone an effective caller to Allah Most High

Course Format: 12 downloadable lessons

About the Course Text

The course is an exposition of the introduction of The Complete Call (al-Da’wah al-Tamma) by the great scholar, saint, and renewer of the twelfth Islamic century, Imam ‘Abdullah b. ‘Alawi al-Haddad [link to:](d. 1132 AH / 1720 CE). Imam al-Haddad taught that the responsibility of true seekers of knowledge is to implement the knowledge that they learn and then pass that knowledge on to others. This book summarizes the concern, character, and conduct necessary to call people to God according to the beautiful way of the Beloved Messenger blessings and peace be upon him.